Our business activity

We are able to carry out the whole investment process in an efficient manner. We offer following services to investors:

  • Obtaining required decisions, carrying out formalities and administrative-legal actions needed to obtain the building permit (obtaining the zoning decisions, environmental approvals, building and occupancy permit, map updates for planning purposes),
  • Preparation of the concept and designing,
  • execution of tenders for construction works,
  • acting as the construction coordinator and investor's representative,
  • Coordination of the development of retail and service premises located within the shopping centers, so-called tenant coordination,
  • optimization of the task performance costs,
  • Carrying out a comprehensive investor’s supervision over all types and stages of works,
  • Ongoing control and evaluation of task progress with economic analysis as well as periodic reporting according to the requirements set by a co-financing entity,
  • concluding contracts with entities participating in the development implementation,
  • inspections within and after the guarantee period,
  • Final accounting of the investment project,
  • Consulting and counseling for the construction developments,
  • Preparation of analyses, expertises and technical opinions for all trades,
  • Creating and keeping building logbooks as well as performing all periodic technical building inspections required by the construction law.

We are able to provide full service of the investment process, starting from the terrain and legal actions to final accounting, technical acceptances and obtaining the occupancy permit.

The investor’s representative (investment management) is a cost-effective form of implementing the construction plans. Our business activity is addressed mainly to all investors that do not have their own expanded supervision team or multi-discipline design team..

As a coordinator we are an entity that merges individual branch contractors, and our remuneration is significantly lower than the margin of general contractors that work on the basis of subcontractors. We also ensure the transparency of the cash flow within the construction project. This allows the Investor to avoid potential problems with general contractor’s outstanding payments to his subcontractors. The financial and works control we provide ensures that the contractor acts according to a financial and quality discipline and meets the deadlines. Additionally, the profitability of this type of construction process (compared to the execution by the general contractor) is granted by the lack of additional general contractor’s surcharges that are usually put on top of the remunerations of individual trades’ subcontractors.

Often there are numerous misunderstandings between the investor, designers, contractors and the public administration if no strict supervision over the investment process is provided. Our actions as the coordinator help to avoid those problems. Our presence also helps to ensure that the trade contractor, and especially the general contractors do not adhere to their standards and habits regarding the performance, which often deviate from the investor’s guidelines.

Our duty is to provide a dynamic and constructive management (related to the necessity of continuous monitoring, analyzing and updating of the schedules) in order to maintain the final completion date of the construction according to the investor’s guidelines.

Our company success is based on the pursuit of the appointed objectives. The most important one is the satisfaction of our Customer. We know that in our industry the quality of services is of key importance, that’s why we pay enormous amount of attention to every detail.

Planco Sp. z o.o. provides it’s Customers with a comprehensive, professional and friendly services throughout the country. Knowing our value, we are sure we are providing the highest standard of services. We are looking forward to be able to introduce our company, our team and our offer to You