Company history

Planco Sp. z o.o. has been on the market starting from 2007. It was created in response to the market needs through a combination of two separate businesses operating since 2005.

During the period of activity we have developed the skills that we obtained while working for companies of similar profile and we have gained invaluable experience as a standalone business.

We have assembled a professional team that can handle any challenge. We hire engineers, designers and managers prepared to fulfill their duties – a combination of preparation process with the execution of the construction. Additionally we cooperate with a team of architectural, construction, electric and sanitary designers.

We have gained our experience and professional qualification while working on following projects:

  • Carrefour shopping centers,
  • Auchan shopping centers,
  • Gemini Holding shopping centers,
  • Atrium group shopping centers,
  • Leader Price supermarkets (now Tesco),
  • Carrefour supermarkets,
  • Feu Vert car service stations,
  • Nomi construction materials supermarkets,
  • Residential multifamily housing (MDU),
  • Industrial construction,
  • Construction of urban roads for the Praga district in Warsaw as well as for the Carrefour group,
  • Construction of road junctions for the markets of the Carrefour group,
  • construction of fuel filling stations.